JustGive.org Reports 70% Increase in 2010 Charitable Contributions

JustGive.org reported a 70% increase in charitable giving through its site in 2010, and a large portion of that increase came from the purchase of its gift cards (source). Why not add a JustGive.org gift card option to your non-profit performing arts organization website in 2011? Sign up for non-profits is free and 97% of contributions are funneled to your arts organization. For consumers, the purchase and redemption process is also easy as both occur online making it simple to transfer the value of a gift from giver to receiver. It sounds like a win(giver)-win(receiver)-win(arts organization), right?

Another nice feature of JustGive.org is the ability for givers to search for local charities by zip code from the JustGive.org homepage, under the “Act Locally” heading. Your organization may exist outside the field of vision for some individuals who are looking to give, and JustGive.com’s search option can expose your group to donors in your area.  Give it a try and be sure to remember to communicate your successes to Open Run Studios so that we can share your experiences with other clients!