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How We Do It — Open Run Studios — Online Marketing & Strategy for the Theatre

How We Do It

Our product actualization process is hands-on and highly collaborative with our clients. Below is a breakdown of the process that we initiate with all new clients to bring projects to successful and satisfying completion.

1. Open Run spends considerable time discussing your performing arts business with you and strive to understand the most important elements that need to be communicated to your customers.

2. Open Run evaluates your current website (if you have one).

3. Open Run creates an information architecture diagram to define the structure of the information for your future website. We focus especially upon identifying the types of information updated most frequently.

4. Information architecture diagram approval by client.

5. Contract signed and 50% of fee paid up front.

6. Open Run creates a mock-up for your future website which may incorporate your logo, favored colors or key art and present this to you for discussion.

7. Website creative approved by client.

8. Open Run templates approved creative and integrates it into a content management system. This allows your organization to self-manage future content changes so that you can retain the greatest level of directly control over the information displayed on your website.

9. Client approval and payment of remaining project balance.

10. Accounts for the stakeholders within client organization are created and telephone training sessions are set up to introduce performing arts company to the new processes for updating information (on-site visits are also possible and may command a premium if client located outside of New York City or Los Angeles).

11. Quality Assurance testing on new website (changes/fixes if needed).

12. New website launched. For clients with pre-existing websites, this involves DNS changes and requires carefully controlled deployment.

Open Run is available to expand features and change information architecture as needed or assist in any training or issues that may arise.